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What's Included in the 90 Day Challenge?

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90 Day re:Define Challenge NEW eCourse

- 90-Day Step by Step Lessons and Worksheets; Self-paced
- Proven Program for MAXIMUM RESULTS
- Fully Customizable Meal Plans
- Daily Tracking Journal ($500 Value)


- Exclusive Video Library of Cooking Classes, Recipes, Health Tips
- Exclusive Access to our Private Challenge FB Group
- Daily Accountability Check-ins
- Weekly Group Calls with re:Define Master Coaches
- 1:1 Support with a re:Define Coach!
- Invitation to our Private Challenge FB Group

Preferred Customer Benefits

You'll be able to choose and customize the re:Define Program that best fits your needs. Each System come with the following:
- SAVE 30% on
- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Want the Ultimate Challenge Experience?

90 Day re:Define Challenge Course with VIP Access

$ 97
  • 90 Days of re:Define Ecourses, RELEASE, REBUILD, RESET
  • 90 Days of Support, Personalization, and Group Coaching
  • 6 Months VIP Membership Access
  • Lifetime Private Facebook Group
  • Cancel at any time - No penalties

Details of the 4 Unique Programs of the re:Define Systems

1.  re:Awaken Program 
Your re:Define journey starts here with our re:Awaken, Self-Guided Workbook.  What goals are you hoping to achieve?  WHY are they important to you?  Is something keeping you from achieving them?  The answers to these questions will be discovered in the re:Awaken Workbook!  By discovering your personal “re” and working with your Personal Coach, you’ll create the perfect action plan for YOU!

2. re:Lease Program Based on your personal goals, you’re ready to begin re:Leasing what you’ve identified as holing you back!  re:Leasing covers all aspects of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection.  We know the physical re:Lease toxins and unhealthy habits and cravings is an important part of releasing negative emotions!  Generally 30 Day’s of the 90 Day System, the re:Lease Program creates the most noticeable results and quite possibly the most EXCITING!  A customized meal plan will be determined by your Coach to help you reach your goals!

3. re:Build Program
LEARN first hand how YOUR body thrives best through personal experience! re:Build is  designed to help you recognize how to build a solid foundation of healthy habits and the importance of good nutrition and supplementation.  Making healthy choices is easier when you KNOW why and can FEEL why it’s important Mind, Body, and Spirit!  Be empowered to live life at the level YOU choose forever with the re:Build Program!

4. re:Set Program
#1 FAQ …”Will I be able to maintain my results?” By finishing up your re:Define Journey with the re:Set Program and working with your coach, all your results will be “SET”!  You’ll be able to enjoy life at the level you choose to maintain.  By applying what you’ve learned by personal experience and the provided education!   Living proactively instead of reactive is what you’ll learn through out the entire re:Define Journey!  You can re:Set…or start all over again; it’s all up to you! 


Each of the 4 Programs are part of the 90 Day Complete re:Define System and vary according to your personal goals and focus. 

The re:Awaken Program is the starting point to help you clearly define your goal, your action plan with your Coach. This program is the foundation of all the other programs and works in tandem with them.

The re:Lease Program can be as little as 14 days, up to 40 days depending on your goals.

The re:Build Program supports the re:Lease and is worked on at the same time.  It’s full of education and it’s up to you how much you want to focus your time learning…

The re:Set Program focuses on helping you understand how to create a healthy lifestyle by applying what you’ve learned in the other 3 Programs.  It’s started following the completion of the re:Lease Program.  

All good habits have been found to happen best within this time frame.

After completing the 90 Day re:Define System, you can choose to start again to reach another goal continuing to work with your Coach OR you can continue being a part of our awesome community of positive people through a monthly membership. Cancel at any time along the way.

re:Define is well known as an incredible weight loss program, BUT, it’s soooo much more!

Members of all shapes and sizes have chosen to re:Define their life to gain better health, mental clarity, and overall wellness in all area’s of their lives. Helping them to truly feel happy both inside and out!

If your goal is to re:Lease excess weight to feel better, then seriously this is the VERY BEST!

If your goal is to get out of a funk, or re:Lease stress, then re:Define is DEFINITELY for you too!

If you’re needing to cleanse your body of unhealthy cravings and bad habits WITHOUT losing weight, YES, re:Define is still for you!

That’s what makes this program so awesome, it isn’t a one “thing” program. It’s about finding your re:!BUT 

No Way, Jose! If you just want to join the program on your own, you will have support from your coach and other team members all along the way.

However, if you have a friend or 2 that wants to re:Define their lives too, we offer incredible REWARDS for referrals!

In all fairness, your friends will ask you whether you tell them or not!  You’re going to be looking so happy and sparkly they’re going to force you to tell them!  You may a well create an account now so you’ll have your very own personalized sharing link!  It’s just a fact!

Nope, you can join the re:Define Your Life Challenge at anytime!  


In over a decade and assisting 100’s of thousands of individuals reach their goals, we’ve NEVER had a problem reported to us specifically linked to any medication.  That’s awesome right!  

This is why licensed Physicians and other Wellness Professionals provide re:Define to their patients. 

NOTE: If you are under a Physicians Care, it is ALWAYS recommended that you consult with them to see if they feel you are capable of following a specific meal plan.  

ALSO, one benefit of cleansing and re:leasing excess weight is the decreased need of some medications.  Therefore, if you are on prescribed medications such as for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or Cholesterol,  you’ll need to consult with your physician to adjust your medications as you decrease your need for them.

While it’s highly unlikely you won’t fall in love with everything re:Define…we recognize it may not be right for everyone. If you wish to “return” this program here’s what you need to know:

1.  Because re:Define includes both tangible and intangible products, we only offer a refund on UNOPENED Products within 30 days of purchase.  This refund will be 50% of the monthly amount you paid for that month of the Challenge and your membership will be canceled with no further charges. ( up to $148.50)

2. To obtain a refund, you’ll need to contact re:Define Support and receive an RMA number and return instructions.

We want you to feel confident in joining our Challenge and be happy with your purchase!  You can cancel the monthly membership at anytime should you choose and whatever remaining shipments are set will be cancelled. Feel free to call re:Define Customer Service for details.  844-697-3339 

Cancelations must occur within 2 business days of their scheduled shipment.

** For each friend you personally refer who joins the Challenge; you’ll get $50 in store credit. If you refer 3 within 14 day’s of your registration,  you’ll get an even bigger credit of $200!! 

You can apply this referral bonus to your own monthly membership or save the store credit up for use later.

For each month your friends stay active in the program you’ll receive the same monthly store credit as outlined above!!

We LOVE Referrals!!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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