re:Define Ultimate System

re:Define Ultimate System

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The Ultimate re:Define System is our MOST POPULAR choices as it includes our full line of optimal nutritional support along with our proprietary re:Lease Drops and Program Guide!

Consuming optimal nutrients is always beneficial to help reduce cravings, avoid energy crashes, as well as mental and emotional acuity.  However, we feel it’s even MORE critical while cleansing your body of unhealthy fat and toxins.  Each of the supplements included have a very specific role to play to provide you with the Ultimate re:Define experience! Get the most out of your re:Define journey!

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The re:Define Ultimate System includes all the BEST re:Define has to offer!

  • All 4 re:Define Program Guides – re:Awaken, re:Lease, re:Build and re:Set
    • Create an Action Plan around your re:Define Goal in preparation to starting the re:Lease Program.  Using the re:Build and re:Set Programs, you’ll have tools that teach and help establish a healthy lifestyle in order to easily maintain longterm success and Vitality! 

  • re:Lease Drops –  Supports the body’s release of excess abnormally stored fat

PLUS the following Nutritional Supporting Supplements:

The Ultimate Supplement Set

  • Balance – Digestive Enzyme, Probiotic; Improve digestion and natural nutrient absorption. 30 day supply 
  • Serenity –  Adrenal Support. Supports healthy cortisol levels and mood balancing. 30 day supply 
  • Vive – Stimulates fat burning (thermogenesis), helps to control appetite, and increases metabolic energy. 30 day supply 
  • Detox Tea – Flush the toxins! Cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify assisting  the body for fat burn. 30 day supply 

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Additional information

Weight 22.8 oz

re:Lease Drops – Stimulates Fat Burn during Program; 10 Drops under tongue 3x daily

Balance – Our signature Multivitamin which includes Digestive Enzymes and Pro-biotics –
Take 1 capsule 3x daily with meals
During re:Lease take capsules 2x daily – 2 capsules with with Lunch and 1 capsule with dinner

90 Capsules – 30 Day Supply
***Contains digestive enzymes, must be taken with food

Serenity – Stress Formula – take 1 capsule twice daily; morning and at bedtime
60 Capsules – 30 Day Supply

Vive – Fat Burner- take 1 capsule twice daily; between meals
60 Capsules – 30 Day Supply

Detox Tea – prepare as directed on product label and consume 8 oz. morning and evening