re:Define Systems

re:Lease Starter System & Tea


A great system to help you reach your goal even on a budget.  This system best for those who are fairly healthy and are simply looking to lose a few extra pounds with added detoxing.
Average weight loss in 30 Days:
Women: 16-22 lbs
Men: 25-30 lb


re:Lease System Includes:

  • re:Define Program Ebook –  Detailed instructions for the entire re:Define System: re:Lease, re:Build, and re:Connect.
  • re:Lease Drops (2oz bottle)-  Supports the body’s release of excess abnormally stored fat
  • Detox Tea -Contributes to faster weight loss while it cleanses your digestive system, allowing your body to detox during your program. Drinking the Detox Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly.

  • re:Leas Drops – 10 Drops under tongue 3x daily
  • Detox Tea – Follow preparation instructions on the package. For best results, consume two 8 oz servings per day 30 Day Supply 

*These supplements have not been approved by the FDA

Weight 6.6 oz