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The ReDefine program is amazing, nothing short of a miracle! Along with the Advanced Nutritional Support products, it has been the best thing I have done for myself in a very long time… maybe ever! I’ve achieved great results and know that I can achieve my ultimate weight loss goals and maintain the results!


What a great program! I wasn't hungry, felt great, and the weight loss was wonderful. Foods taste much better now. I also feel this program has provided a much stronger base for continued healthy weight loss and maintenance. Thank you!


I was eating quick meals that were poor quality. Once my children became 2 and 1 years old, I said I had to find a plan that fit into my limited time schedule. I needed a simple plan. My business, Relish the Harvest LLC are gourmet products made using 7 ingredients or less! The ReDefine recipes were just as simple! I wasn't slaving over the stove just like when I make my products! I loved using fresh veggies and lean meats! I did not have to go to the gym either! Thanks to your help I lost 23 pounds in 30 days just by following your plan! The plan I followed was the Ultimate Detox/Cleanse Package. ReDefine is the best affordable dietary plan.


Before starting ReDefine I don’t know if I doubted the claims of the system more, or if I doubted myself more in my ability to maintain my will power to push through on the system and not fall off. But after the first week and quickly watching the pounds melt off of me day after day and finding that my spurts of hunger that plagued me through my day quickly disappeared and finding myself fulfilled after my meals my doubts quickly disappeared (along with my waist line!)

When I found my jeans falling down at work and had to go find a drill to drill some extra holes in my belt so that I could get through the day was quite an experience. Another unexpected side effect was a new found energy!... Having lost 37.5 lbs in 30 days and seeing the before and after pictures has truly made me a believer in ReDefine, and have already gotten several of my friend and social media followers to join and look forward to seeing where the rest of the Summer takes me!”

Big Mic

"I just wanted to share my story with you as a way of saying thank you for such a great program. New Years Day 2016 I was Sitting at 330.4 lbs. Leading up to this point I knew I was overweight, you would that that with a bought with kidney cancer would be enough to make me stop eating rubbish food. But is wasn't. What motivated me was watching a program on YouTube that said the children of today are the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents.

"That was when I made a resolve to set an example to my kids buy dropping 50 lbs in 2016."


My ReDefine story began several years ago, actually. Only I didn’t know it at the time. When I was skinny, yes, actually skinny many years ago, I didn’t appreciate it. Through the years and 2 children, I just kept getting bigger. Each time I’d see a picture, I’d think “oh, I need to do something”. So I’d try a diet for awhile, see a few pounds come off and call it good. Then eventually I’d gain it back and get back into the same pattern with maybe a different diet. I did this for years. Yes, years! I tried everything and they all led me back to the same place. Not skinny.

Then I tried ReDefine, and honestly, I went into it with the same mentality as every other plan. Except this time, my results were startling. And stunning! I lost 20 pounds and 25 inches in 30 days!

With other diets, I lost my motivation because I didn’t see big results. I think that’s what kept me so motivated on the ReDefine program. Seeing results nearly every day! Having my clothes finally fit right, having more energy, having the BEST cholesterol that I’ve had in literally years! It makes me so happy to think that maybe I’ve helped them break the cycle that I was in for so many years.


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